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Convicted pedophile wants to call 'half the Edmontonian population' as witnesses in dangerous offender hearing

Curtis Poburan in 2022. (Photo provided.) Curtis Poburan in 2022. (Photo provided.)

A court-ordered assessment into whether Curtis Poburan, who has a history of pedophilia, is fit to proceed with a dangerous offender hearing is incomplete.

Crown prosecutor Parm Johal provided an update to the court on day five of the proceedings.

Despite a full schedule, she said the psychiatrist managed to arrange a virtual meeting to assess Poburan but that it was “abruptly ended by Mr. Poburan.”

“She’s not in a position to make an opinion or assessment,” Johal said, because the meeting was too short.

Another attempt to complete the assessment was expected sometime Friday afternoon.

“Have you heard anything further, Mr. Poburan, on a lawyer?” Justice Doreen Sulyma asked Poburan, who again attended the proceedings via CCTV.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to,” he replied.

Justice Sulyma then reminded him to think of witnesses he wants to call when the hearing continues.

“If he already has a list of witnesses that he wants to attend, perhaps he can inform the amicus or court,” said Johal, suggesting they could help with notifications.

Poburan said he wanted to call correctional officers from a unit at the Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC).

“So we’re probably looking at maybe 30 people,” he said.

“What would they testify to?” asked Justice Sulyma.

Poburan said it would be regarding his claims of mental, physical at sexual abuse while in custody there.

“And in some instances attempted murder,” he added.

The Crown told the court Poburan was informed by ERC staff there are Edmonton Police officers available to investigate his claims but he refused.

Poburan said as a result of the testimony of Dr. Curtis Woods, his former psychiatrist, he doesn't trust EPS.

"They should be shot dead," said Poburan.

"I will never trust another EPS officer in my life," he added.

Poburan then called Dr. Woods a "liar" and that he wanted his entire testimony stricken from the record.

As the judge attempted to keep the proceedings on track she told Poburan the amicus could provide some advice regarding his witnesses.

"I won't talk to any lawyers or psychiatrists anymore. I don't wish to deal with this bull**** anymore," he said.

The Crown pointed out to the court he wants legal aid one minute then, then makes a comment about not wanting to talk to them.

"Does Mr.Poburan intend to continue to retain counsel?" Johal asked.

"I'm not even going to answer that question from the Crown. They should be shot dead," Poburan said before calling the two female Crown prosecutors vulgar names.

The Crown continued, telling the court it believes the hearing should continue "with or without counsel" once a ruling has been made on fitness.

Johal said counsel "could join the proceedings part way through."

Poburan, who had calmed down, was then asked by the judge about him continually calling the proceedings illegal.

"I can't have witnesses on there," was his response.

"I have to call probably haIf of the Edmontonian population because of the media release. I want to cross examine anyone who's ever heard of me," he said.

The judge urged him to cooperate with the psychiatrist and speak with the amicus.

If the assessment is complete and the judge rules he's fit, the hearing will resume on Monday.