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'Couldn't be more excited': Fans and local businesses rejoice as Oilers secure playoff spot

For the third year in a row, the Edmonton Oilers are headed to the National Hockey League playoffs.

With a win Friday night against the Colorado Avalanche, the Oilers sealed the deal and secured a playoff spot. This time, the push for the Stanley Cup marks the first time in two years that Rogers Place will be filled with fans.

"I think everyone's now just starting to get ramped up to let it loose the first week of May, just 10 days away," said Stew MacDonald, Oilers Entertainment Group president and CEO. "The atmosphere continues to amp up, game after game after game."

That same energy is spilling out to businesses near Rogers Place, like Home and Away Bar.

"We've been open a month, and we've had pre-game, post-game (crowds)," said Sarmad Rizbi, Home and Away Bar partner.

"It's just crazy," Rizbi added. "The energy is electric in here."

For a new business employing 60 people, Rizbi says a playoff run could have a massive impact.

"It's good for everyone," Rizbi added. "It's good for small businesses especially. We've been through the wringer the last couple years with COVID, so it's like the best way to come out of it all for sure."

"(We) couldn't be more excited for the Oilers and the city as a whole!"


For fans hoping to secure home playoff game tickets, MacDonald said there are a few options.

All playoff rounds are being included with the purchase of season tickets for next year. There is also a draw on the Oilers' website to win a chance to buy seats on a round-by-round basis.

"Currently, fans can Oilers' website to enter a priority draw for the opportunity to win the chance to purchase seats," MacDonald said. "So prior to each round we're going to make a draw from those who have entered and give them the opportunity to purchase all the home games in that round."

Details on how to get individual game tickets will be announced in the next couple of days, MacDonald says

"Quantities probably as they have been in the past will be very limited, but we will have that information available well in advance so that all of our fans have the best chance possible to participate."

Details about events at Ford Hall and at the Ice District Plaza will also be released later this week. Top Stories

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