EDMONTON -- An ICU doctor is pleading with Albertans to follow health guidelines as COVID-19 pushes the health-care system to its limits.

“Demand regularly exceeds our capacity and it is a critical stage,” Dr. David Zygun said in a video posted by Alberta Health Services. “This is a direct result of the spread that we’re seeing in the community.”

In the video, titled ‘COVID straight talk’, Zygun said more than 900 AHS staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.

Alberta reported 672 new cases and seven COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 11.

The province has set a new hospitalization record every day since Nov. 6.

Zygun, the Zone Medical Director for Edmonton, urged Albertans to follow public health guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Without action on the part of Albertans, we’ll be unable to keep the ambulances on the road, the emergency beds opening and hospital functioning,” he said. “We’ll be unable to complete the surgeries that we know Albertans need.”

As COVID-19 cases grow in Alberta, many doctors say tougher measures are needed to curb the spread.

Masks 4 Canada renewed its call for more restrictions in a letter to Premier Jason Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro on Nov. 11.

“Only decisive, strong measures can reliably prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed,” the letter reads. “We have confidence in Alberta’s health system and the care it provides, but we believe that it is in jeopardy unless urgent action is taken.”