EDMONTON -- The City of Edmonton has extended its State of Local Emergency for another seven days on Thursday as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

New emergency orders were also introduced, including limiting the number of passengers in taxis or Ubers, increasing security and cleaning on transit, and new actions to ensure dignified treatment of the vulnerable population on transit.

The city will also close four fenced dog parks starting on April 4, including Lauderdale, Paisley, Alex Decoteau and Manning Village. Dog owners can continue to use the city’s other 38 parks, as long as they keep their dogs on-leash. The city said dogs should be kept on-leash to reduce the potential for owners to have to interact with other owners should their dog approach another dog or individual.

City peace officers will be monitoring dog parks, both open and closed, and anyone who does not keep their dog on a leash starting April 4 will face warnings and fines.

The city also announced that it would release data on employees who are working from home, self-isolating, and are tested for COIVD-19. There are two city employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 to date.

“There’s not a single individual, business or industry that has not been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Interim City Manager Adam Laughlin in a news release. “We will continue to look across the board and listen to concerns from the public to find ways to reduce risks, to increase safety and to provide support.”

The State of Local Emergency was first declared on Friday, March 20, and must be renewed every seven days. The cancellation of the State of Local Emergency also cancels any emergency orders.