Many BMO customers say payments they made over the last week have come out of their accounts twice.

Edmonton resident Jessy Oliver said she noticed last Wednesday that nearly $450 was missing from her account.

Payments she made for her children’s Scouts and Girl Guides came out of her account on Aug. 19 and then again on Aug. 20.

“There's no way I spent that much money, what did I spend that much money on?” Oliver said. “I looked and the payment for my kid’s sports came out twice.”

Oliver says she reached out to her local BMO branch, but they couldn’t give her any information.

“The representative at the counter tried to tell me that it wasn't their issue and that I needed to contact Scouts and Guides Canada directly because they took the money.”

She took to social media, where she found dozens of other customers sharing similar complaints.

BMO issued a statement to CTV News Edmonton Thursday afternoon reading, "The issue has been resolved, customers have been contacted and the money has been refunded." 

CTV News Edmonton has confirmed that at least one customer has been refunded in full. 

Thursday morning, the company acknowledged the issue on social media and through a recorded message over the phone, said a technical glitch is to blame.

Listen to BMO's recorded message below:

The recorded message tells customers if they are calling to report a duplicate charge after using a BMO debit card to make a purchase online after Aug. 19, work is underway to reverse the transactions. The message says no action is required by the customer.

Oliver said she’s only been a BMO customer for about six months. She’s stopped using her account since discovering the issue, and she’s not sure if she’ll stay with the bank.

“I haven't decided yet. It's not a very good impression they're leaving for sure.”