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E-scooters, e-bikes return to Edmonton streets on Wednesday

E-scooters in Edmonton. (File Photo) E-scooters in Edmonton. (File Photo)

E-scooters and e-bikes will return to Edmonton streets Wednesday, the city has announced.

The city has selected Bird Canada and Lime, who have previously operated in Edmonton, as vendors, with the possibility of future expansion.

"We are excited to have e-scooters and e-bikes on our streets again to provide alternative modes of active transportation," Shewkar Ibrahim of the city wrote in a Tuesday news release. "The city is committed to working with e-scooter and e-bike vendors to support safe rider habits and encourage Edmontonians to have fun and ride with care."

The city delayed the program rollout this year as it worked to update the Shared Micromobility Program.

The program has been updated to a three-year, year-round term licence of occupation.

The city says the year-round contract will allow vendors the ability to run scooters and bikes as long as weather allows.

A new vendor fee structure has also been implemented to address concerns over fleet management, parking issues and street clutter.

Riders can use shared pathways, bike lanes and roads with speed limits of 50 km/hr or less, and should ensure they don't block sidewalks or building entrances when parking.

Rules will be communicated with riders through the vendor's apps and the city's website. Top Stories


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