At first glance, you probably wouldn’t think a flashy Jeep, parked behind a south Edmonton office, belongs to a doctor.

This is no ordinary Jeep; Dr. Jon Adamis is no ordinary ear, nose and throat specialist.

He has spent the last decade working on modifications to his vehicle. Some are small. Most are major.

From fake missiles and guns on the roof, to Iron Man and Spider-man masks on the back hatch, the Jeep looks like it’s straight from Marvel’s Avengers film series.

“The whole idea was to put smiles on people’s faces,” said Dr. Adamis, as he played with the switches he’s installed inside. Each one sets off a different light or sound.

Dr. Adamis started small, with a realistic replica Captain America shield on the Jeep’s spare tire.

Ten years, and what he estimates to be $500,000 later, his Avengers Jeep now draws children and grown-ups alike.

“Every kid, every adult, every parent, anybody who believes in the magic, the true love and all that kind of stuff, is drawn to this,” said Dr. Adamis. “It’s beautiful, man.”

In recent years, he’s been taking it to local comic conventions, and to other events, especially ones with young people.

“Everywhere I go, this thing is the event,” he beamed, as he showed off the built-in loudspeaker.

Dr. Adamis is planning to bring his creation to several local events this summer, and is considering bringing it to San Diego for that city’s world-famous Comic Con.