EDMONTON -- An Edmonton firefighter has spent more than two hours in an "ice coffin" as part of the annual Edmonton Firefighters Rooftop Campout for muscular dystrophy.

Wesley Bauman is one of five firefghters braving the elements and spending four nights camping on the roof of a downtown firehall. 

The five are scheduled to come down on Thursday at noon, but Bauman added the "ice coffin" as an additional challenge. He ended up spending two hours and eight minutes wrapped in ice, setting an unofficial world record in the process. 

Bauman will rejoin his camping out colleagues on the roof later Wednesday.

Since 1954, fire departments across North America have been raising money for muscular dystrophy — a trend that was started in Boston.

The fundraising event came to Edmonton in 2005.

During last year's fundraiser, the rooftop crew decided to extend their stay when they were still $40,000 short of their goal. After three more days, they managed to raise an extra $32,000.

This year's goal is to raise $100,000 for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. You can donate at Fire Hall #2 or online.