EDMONTON -- Another big 50-50 jackpot was held in Edmonton on Sunday.

The Edmonton Football Club put on the draw in support of the Winnifred Stewart Association’s Joey Moss Memorial Fund, which helps people with developmental disabilities.

A total of $991,800 was raised, breaking the team’s 50-50 record of $871,839 set at the home game against Ottawa on July 14, 2017.

“What a phenomenal day celebrating an unbelievable human being, Joey Moss. His legacy will last forever, and the $991,800 Albertans raised today though our 50-50 program to benefit the Winnifred Stewart Association’s Joey Moss Memorial Fund will make sure his flame continues to burn bright for years to come,” said EE Football Club President and CEO Chris Presson.

Moss was the long-time locker room attendant for both the Edmonton Football Club and the Edmonton Oilers. He died last month at age 57.

The draw marked the end of 14 Days of Grey Cup, in place of what would have been Grey Cup Season.

The winning ticket number is A-13137327. The ticket holder has until Nov. 26 at 4 p.m. MST to contact the EE Football Club office to claim their winnings.