Fort Edmonton Park is introducing a plan designed to increase the number of visitors at the park, and details include spending millions of dollars on new buildings and hiring more staff.

The new plan was designed based on public input and international consultants. 

Bill Demchuk, executive director of the Fort Edmonton Management Company says a big goal is to improve historical accuracy.

"So we're going to have additional researchers doing that work for us and additional interpreters on site that will provide the stories and do that interpretation for the public," said Demchuk.

The park will also undergo some physical changes as well. Plans include a revamp of the Capital Theatre and a new Aboriginal Village.

Demchuk says he also envisions visits from historic characters such as aviation pioneer Wilfred 'Wop' May.

"We would have Wop May telling the story of Wop May on 1920s Street as part of the aviation experience."

Cash has already been set aside for the Capital Theatre, which is set to open on 2011. Demchuk says the rest of the project are still in a conceptual stage.

"It's not going to be inexpensive but it's going to be something that's going to be beneficial for everybody."

Park officials hope to have their plan come to life by 2016. However, park officials do admit they still have to secure millions from the city.

Fort Edmonton Park opens for the season on May 23.

With files from Bill Fortier