EDMONTON -- Explosive devices emitting blue and pink clouds of smoke are playful ways for new couples to reveal their baby’s gender — until one individual started a fire in the Fort McMurray area.

Travis Fairweather, a wildlife information officer with Alberta Wildfire, told CTV News Edmonton the recent fire was caused during a gender reveal party.

“This wildfire grew to be 0.43 hectares in size, which is over half the size of a CFL football field,” said Fairweather.

There were a total of 10 firefighters and support staff called to fight the flames. The person responsible was fined $600 for the fire, Faireweather said.

“So far this season, this is the third unintentional wildfire started by an exploding target,” he said.

Seventy-six per cent of wildfires this year have been human-caused, and 88 per cent of all wildfires last year were human-caused, according to Alberta Wildlife. 

Fairweather reminds Albertans the province requires written permission to use fireworks or exploding targets in the Forest Protection Area year-round.

People who see smoke or fire in a forest are asked to call 310-FIRE.