After two decades of proclaiming Edmonton as the City of Champions it appears that Pittsburgh is now laying claim to the title.

Since the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos won several victories back in the 80s, the city has attached itself to the designation. But a recent comment from Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has people thinking otherwise.

"The support you've given us, the loyalty you've show this city is unmatched by no other," Crosby announced Monday in Pittsburgh following their Stanley Cup win. "You deserve to be called the City of Champions, you deserve the Stanley Cup."

That statement was mirrored by Penguins head coach Dan Bysma, who said, "Bringing this trophy back to Pittsburgh, the City of Champions, it's much better than Hockey Town."

Pittsburgh claims it has called itself the City of Champions since 1979 to honour the victories won by the Steelers and the Pirates, which would is about a decade before Edmonton took the title.

And to some Edmontonians it doesn't matter who took the label first.

"I think it has taken on a new meaning, particular to people in Edmonton, it is just part of who we are now," one man told CTV News.

City Councillor Tony Caterina said the nickname not only pays tribute to past victories but recognizes Edmonton's volunteer spirit.

"I think there is room two city of champions, maybe we can twin with Pittsburgh," he said.

With files from Sonia Sunger