Edmonton’s mayor has some tough words for the city’s e-scooter pilot project.

Don Iveson expressed doubts about the rental scooters that dot Edmonton’s streets, saying he has heard significant negative feedback from other road users.

“People continue to seem to want to ride them on sidewalks, which is starting to create some pretty negative feedback from pedestrians, from business owners and then particularly, from people who depend on mobility aids,” Iveson said.

“Frankly, from my point of view, it’s not going well.”

Criticism of Bird Canada and Lime e-scooters began almost as soon as riders hit the roads last month.

Users are only able to ride on paths, in bike lanes or on roads at less than 50 kilometres an hour, but reports quickly emerged of some people riding the scooters on sidewalks.

Iveson’s comments came after one e-scooter rental company, Bird Canada, held a safety tour aiming to educate Edmontonians on how to properly and safely ride and park the vehicles.

“We think that scooters, when used properly, are very safe,” Bird Canada general manager Alexandra Petre said Tuesday. “People need to use common sense when using scooters, it is still a motor vehicle.”

Iveson has previously said it’s not realistic to expect city bylaw officers to catch every e-scooter offender.

He’s also said if there are too many issues, the city will revisit whether or not it will continue its participation on the pilot project.