A camera that snapped an iconic Cold War photo is back in Alberta.

The camera, now in Thorhild, took the first photography of Sputnik—a satellite launched by the Soviet Union and sparked the "space race" against the United States.

"It's very dear to the community," Shirley Vice with the Newbrook Historical Society said. "It's hopefully going to put the community back on the map and we are going to educate the people of Alberta and give some entertainment, but it's important because it is part of Alberta."

But the camera needs to be refurbished, as well as its future home.

"It is going to be a museum, a historical museum of sorts," Vice said. "It will have the camera, some telescopes and a whole lot of information."

The historical society expects the project to cost $250,000. It is working with the county to secure funding and private investors.

The camera is expected to be operational in the fall, and the hope is to open the museum in the spring.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Joey Slattery