The Alberta government introduced the Indigenous Litigation Fund Wednesday, a $10-million commitment to helping fight legal battles related to resource development.

Groups that include Indigenous people can apply for a grant to help support legal actions towards advancing Alberta's energy and natural resource development.

The fund is part of the government's Fight Back Strategy and will work in concert with the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation.

"For too long, pro-development First Nations have been ignored in the debate over resource development," Kenney said.

"This part of our effort, of reconciliation, matched with our jobs and growth agenda," he added.

According to the government, money from the fund can be used to support legal action in a variety of ways, including participation in trials and appeals and intervening in processes and legal actions .

100 days in government

Premier Jason Kenney made the announcement Wednesday, while marking the United Conservative Party's first 100 days in office.

Since winning a majority government on April 16, 2019, Kenney says the UCP government has met 68 of the 375 commitments they made in the provincial election.

The government ended the carbon tax and enacted the 'turn off the taps' legislation to put more pressure on B.C. and its opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Kenney also created a $30 million Energy War Room to fight what he calls foreign-funded campaigns that attack Alberta's oil and gas industry.

He also assigned a minister to reduce red tape and created a youth minimum wage.

UCP leadership campaign investigation

Kenney's UCP leadership campaign remains under investigation for an alleged kamikaze campaign and illegal financial contributions.

"I can tell you that our campaign leadership were mature people who were scrupulous about following the rules," Kenney said. "I've seen evidence of that."

Upcoming budget

The first United Conservative budget will come in October, and the government is expected to make widespread funding cuts.

"Every aspect of government is going to be asked to participate in fiscal restraint," Kenney said.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Timm Bruch