Jeff Callaway, a 2017 UCP leadership contest candidate, is facing 24 penalties by the Office of the Election Commissioner related to breaking rules regarding party contributions.

The charges, issued July 17, total $70,000.

Callaway was fined $15,000 for colluding with a third party, named Robyn Lore by the Office of the Election Commissioner, to circumvent a contribution limit.

He was fined $8,000 for soliciting or accepting a $60,000 contribution from a person who he knew wasn't allowed to donate.

Additionally, Callaway was charged with four counts of violating Section 34(1.1) of the Elections Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act, or providing money to another person to contribute to his leadership campaign. The majority of the fees, totalling $34,000, relate to soliciting or accepting donations from a number of people who were provided money to donate to the contest.

Finally, Callaway faces one $5,000 penalty under the Elections Act, for knowingly submitting false information on his contest financial statement.  

Callaway has been accused of working with Premier Jason Kenney during the UCP leadership race in 2017 to discredit former Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean. Kenney has dismissed any collaboration with Callaway as politics.

As of May 27, fines issued in relation to the campaign totaled more than $70,000.

Three other people were issued fines on July 17 in connection to Callaway's campaign: contributors Jennifer Thompson and Darren Thompson, and campaign manager Randy Kerr.

Each of the Thompsons face fines of more than $5,000 for contributions to Callaway's campaign that were made with money provided to them by another party.

Kerr was penalized $10,000 for donating $4,000 to Callaway with money that was provided to him as well.