EDMONTON -- All Edmonton Public Library (EPL) branches were able to reopen their doors to in person browsing on Monday.

“We’re so excited to welcome library lovers back into our EPL spaces,” Angelica Thompson, the manager of the Millwoods branch of the EPL, said.

Library goers can once again use the public computers, printing and scanning services as well as receive in person assistance from library staff.

“To be able to have people in our buildings, face-to-face, safely at a distance with barriers in place and masks, we just think that makes all the difference in the world,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson, each library will have their own capacity limitations based off fire code regulations, which is 30 per cent. At the Millwoods branch, 60 people are allowed in at once.

Thompson explained to CTV News Edmonton that library staff had gotten used to being closed and shifting everything online. So, having people back in the buildings felt “a little strange,” but welcomed.

“We were still doing things in a transactional way,” she said. “But now, we’re able to do things in a transformational way with having the library doors open again.

“Something is missing when you can’t just wander through the library aisles and happen upon that perfect item that you didn’t know was going to change your life.”

Millwoods library

Thompson told CTV News multiple classes and events will continue both virtually and in person with the Summer Reading Club launching on June 26.

While all the branches are reopened, Thompson said the hours are altered. The best thing to do is check online ahead of time.