Ever wondered what the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald looked like 100 years ago? Or how the Strathcona Public Building on Whyte Avenue has changed, or not changed, since its construction in the early 20th century?

A new app called On This Spot has made that possible. With it, users can hover their phones over certain historical buildings around the city and, within seconds, be staring at a black and white version of the structure.

“What we really wanted to do was figure out a way to make history more tangible for people but also show them the history that surrounds them,” said Andrew Farris with On This Spot.

“It’s perfect,” said one Montreal tourist.

And perfect for a new generation. To have a window into the past, in the palm of their hands.

“So I guess they say the millennial generation is the most nostalgic of them all,” said one local. “And so whether that makes people curious about what’s vintage or whatever... I think it does open doors in to some history.”

Edmonton joins Calgary, Strathmore, and Gleichen as the four Alberta cities hilighted on the Vancouver-based app. It also includes cities in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.

With files from CTV’s David Ewasuk