Details on the second plastics production plant being built in Sturgeon County were announced on Friday.

The plant will turn propane into polypropylene, which is seven times more valuable.  

“At this new facility, the company will take Canadian propane and produce high quality, high value polypropylene.  Simply put, turning propane into durable and recyclable plastic,” said Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi.

Polypropylene is a recyclable plastic that is used in many products, from polymer money to car bumpers.

This is the second facility in the area; the first is currently under construction.

The new $4.5-billion project is a joint venture between Pembina Pipelines and Kuwait’s Petrochemical Industries Company.   The project received $50 million from a federal diversification fund and royalty credits from a provincial incentives program.

Construction is expected to begin in September and the new facility should be in operation by 2023.