Some Swoop Airlines passengers were grounded at the Edmonton International Airport on Sunday night after a series of flight cancellations between July 5 and July 10.

Swoop posted on its website that seven flights had been cancelled; four of those affected the Edmonton airport.

Sunday flight cancellations:

  • Edmonton to Winnipeg
  • Edmonton to Hamilton
  • Halifax to Hamilton
  • Hamilton to Edmonton
  • Hamilton to Edmonton
  • Hamilton to Halifax
  • Winnipeg to Hamilton

The airline tells CTV News that 23 flights scheduled for between July 5 and July 10 have been cancelled. It says the unscheduled maintenance was prompted by a leaking oil seal on one of its aircraft. 

"This requires a significant amount of work and disassembly in order to fully repair the issue," said Karen McIsaac with the airline in an email to CTV News.  

McIsaac echoed the company's earlier statement that "safety is our number one priority and we sincerely apologize to travellers for the interruption in their plans."

One of the passengers CTV News spoke with said her flight from Edmonton to Winnipeg was delayed three times before it was cancelled altogether. 

“They told us we could cancel or if we waited they would give us a hotel voucher and $30 a day in food vouchers at the airport,” said passenger Daryl Koly. “They said if you book with another airline and you cancel it that they might reimburse you if you send a receipt to them , but now that we booked with a new airline we have to pay for that again and pay for a hotel because I’m not sitting in an airport for two days.”

Five other flights are cancelled across the country on Monday, including a flight from Edmonton to Hamilton.

Monday flight cancellations:

  • Edmonton to Hamilton
  • Fort Lauderdale to Hamilton
  • Hamilton to Fort Lauderdale
  • Hamilton to Orlando
  • Orlando to Hamilton

In October 2018, Swoop apologized to customers after cancelling 24 flights to the United States while it waited for clearance to fly south of the border.