EDMONTON -- Frustrated residents in west Edmonton have launched a petition in a desperate attempt to stop what they call a "horrible odour."

The petition, which has gathered 392 signatures out of 500, blames Cleanit Greenit for the odour. The composting facility, located in the area of 204 Street and 113 Avenue, met with residents last winter and took partial blame for the lingering stench.

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"The overwhelming odour is frequently a daily issue for residents in West and North Edmonton, with complaints such as feeling sick from the smell, having to remain indoors to avoid the smell, and having to keep windows closed and ventilation systems shut down to keep the odour out of their home," the petition, started by Sarah Hunter, read.

Hunter and the signees want the City of Edmonton and Alberta Environment and Parks to take action against the smell, and proposed four changes:

  1. That Cleanit Greenit has its business licence suspended and/or revoked until they come up with a plan to moderate the odour
  2. That Cleanit Greenit reduces its intake of compostable materials until it reduces the smell
  3. That Cleanit Greenit reviews the materials it receives
  4. If Cleanit Greenit if unable to improve the situation, that they cease operations or move to a less densely populated area of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has fined Cleanit Greenit $250 in 33 separate occasions since June 4, 2019.

Cleanit Greenit CEO Kirstin Castro-Wunsch admitted the company is responsible for some of the odour problems, and also blamed recent wet summers.

"We apologize for odour we've caused."

The petition says the composting company has received multiple infractions dating back to 2004. In 2011, CTV News Edmonton reported the province suspended Cleanit Greenit's operations after odour complaints.

"I don't think we should be shut down. I think we're open to communication. I'm putting solutions in place," Castro-Wunsch said.

To phone an odour complaint, call Alberta Environment at 1-800-222-6514.