Following a barrage of odour complaints related to a west-end composting facility, the province has suspended operations for not complying with guidelines for running such a facility.

The Alberta Government issued an order to Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. and Kristin Castro-Wunsch for not following guidelines outlined in the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, the Code of Practice for Compost Facilities, and not addressing the facility's off-site odour problems.

Under the order, the business is required to stop taking in waste, and prepare reports, including a survey report of the lands, a site rehabilitation plan, and a pond rehabilitation report.

Alberta Environment and Water said they have been working with Cleanit Greenit, located on 113 Avenue and 204 Street, on the ongoing odour problems – and said the province, city and ATCO gas have received numerous complaints over the smell wafting from the facility.

Following an investigation by Alberta Environment and Water this year, it was determined Cleanit Greenit accepted more than 20,000 tonnes of waste in 2010.

The province said the facility should have operating approval under provincial law to accept that much waste, and the business was not following industry guidelines or best practices.