A family in St. Albert is moving out of their apartment building after receiving a racist and threatening letter from a neighbour.

Katrina Anderson’s 12-year-old daughter found a letter in their mailbox Monday and texted her mom, scared.

The letter—written by a neighbour who has complained to the condo board—accuses Anderson’s three children—aged 13, 12 and 10—of “hooting and hollering.”

“Your kids are extremely thoughtless and rude. Constantly rollerblading and scootering on our driveways,” the letter read.

“Move out or things will escalate. Would not want to see the kids getting hurt.”

At the end, the letter targets the family’s race.

“This isn’t a reserve,” it reads. “Go back to the reserve where Indians belong!”

Anderson posted the letter on Facebook, and St. Albert Mayor Cathy Heron read it.

“Your first reaction is horror and this is a black cloud over St. Albert,” Heron told CTV News. “But as you read all the responses, they’re all supportive.”

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley tweeted about the racist letter: “The attack on this family is beyond upsetting. As I’ve said before, there’s no place for racism in Alberta.”

The mother told CTV News she appreciates the support she has received, but they will still find a new home.

“My kids can’t be here. That’s the bottom line.”

Anderson reported the letter to police.

With files from Jeremy Thompson