EDMONTON -- A video shows a pack of coyotes frantically trying to run out of the North Saskatchewan River when ice was breaking and moving fast.

Iouri Ponomarev, who was walking her dog at the Government House Park, witnessed the pack trying to find a way out of the river.

“[I] saw that the ice on the river started cracking and moving,” Ponomarev said. “It started to move very fast—that is when I noticed that some coyotes got caught on the ice.”

Ponomarev said it looked like the coyotes would not survive, but eventually made it to shore.

Coyote sightings around Edmonton

There have been a number of reported coyote sightings in recent months, including cases where coyotes attack and kill pets.


In October, a coyote jumped over a fence and attacked a blind dog before the homeowner ran to the backyard and scared it away.

And just last weekend, a coyote killed a chihuahua in Sherwood Park. When the homeowner went outside to help her dog, it was too late.

The City of Edmonton advises pet owners to keep their dogs on a leash when on a walk, to not leave their small dogs unattended in the yard for too long, and to not let cats roam outside.