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Volunteers create skating rinks and trails at south end of Pigeon Lake


A group of local volunteers have ploughed snow off Pigeon Lake to make skating rinks and trails.

For almost 12 years, four community volunteers have been creating and maintaining the skateway on the South end of Pigeon Lake.

According to the volunteers, as the ice and weather conditions fluctuate, the skateway evolves.

"We went out on Dec. 8 and the ice was eight inches thick, so we started ploughing," said Dave Tariff.

"A week and a half later, the sun came out and melted all of our snow," said Scott McDonald. "We have photographs of … tiny little ridges of where the trails are."

This year’s pathway is said to be 12-15 km long.

The rinks and trails are open for anyone to use.

"People come from all over the place. Very few have ever been on a lake before or skated on a lake before," said Tariff. "We make it welcome for them, we just show up and they'll spend hours on the skate."

The group of volunteers say that the comments, feedback and reactions from the community have been positive.

"They all love it, they all thank the heck out of us, but mostly me and Dave maintain we would build this for one person … we're so happy many would come out," said McDonald.

"People say 'Thank you,' and it's awfully nice to hear that," said Tariff.

For a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary, they found the post about public skating to be an ideal way to celebrate.

"Heard from some folks that it's a pretty good spot to go skating," said Micheal Lee.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk Top Stories

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