A TV weatherman kept his cool earlier this week when his on-camera forecast displayed some hellishly high temperatures for Arizona.

Fox 10 Phoenix weatherman Cory McCloskey improvised his way through a mistake-filled forecast, casually embracing 1,000-degree-plus Fahrenheit temperatures with tongue-in-cheek seriousness.

"Uh, 1,270 in Ahwatukee," McCloskey says in the video. "Now, I'm not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but this temperature seems pretty high." He then runs through several other cities on the map showing four-digit temperatures.

"Cave Creek, Fountain Hills – they don't look good either, and frankly, Wickenburg is a total loss," McCoskey continues, while news anchors chuckle at his antics off-camera.

McCloskey next points out the "safe spots" where temperatures hover between 63 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 18 degrees Celsius).

" I'm not your dad, but I would get out while you still can," he says.

The weatherman adds that Cave Creek's 2,960-degree temperature is likely hot enough to boil steel. "There's probably nothing left up there," McCoskey says.

The video from Fox 10 Phoenix has more than 1.7 million views on YouTube.

McCloskey acknowledged his viral success in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

"Thank you, friends, for sharing my recent ridiculousness all over your Facebook walls!" he wrote.