EDMONTON -- Premier Jason Kenney is in Ottawa this week to continue his push for a 'fair deal' for Alberta.

Kenney was the keynote speaker at a luncheon at the Canadian Club of Ottawa on Monday.

"Our idea of a fair deal is a federation that respects the original vision of our constitution and allows us to develop our resources, getting them to global markets at a fair price so we can continue to share jobs, wealth and opportunity with the rest of Canada," he said.

He is joined by eight cabinet ministers and 11 deputy ministers for what he called an 'unprecedented mission' to meet with their federal counterparts.

Kenney says this tip is focused on five key priorities:

  • A firm, fixed and fast deadline for the completion of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project to get Canadian oil to new markets and a commitment to bring in First Nations groups as equity partners.
  • Retroactively lift the cap on the fiscal stabilization program and pay Alberta an equalization rebate of $2.4 billion for payments the province should have received during the downturn in 2015.
  • Repeal of bills C-48 and C-69.
  • Expansion of tax instruments to facilitate job creation investment in resource-related activities including improving the environmental performance of the sector.
  • Equivalency recognition of Alberta's methane reduction regulations, to match the consideration given to the province's Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) program.

"Let us take seriously these challenges in a province that has done so much to build this country," Kenney said.  "We need to see some meaningful action."

The premier is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday.