EDMONTON -- As Alberta moves into Stage 2 of reopening people will be able to visit gyms, something that one owner is thrilled to allow, but safely.

“We’re just going to ease into it. We’re not going to hit the road running on Monday,” said Shara Vigeant, owner of SVPT Fitness.

For Vigeant the news today couldn’t have been better, she said that having they gym closed for past several months has been a challenge.

“The thought of losing what I’ve worked for, for 12 years, it was a lot. It was an emotional rollercoaster for the last 3 months so today, we’re excited,” said Vigeant. “Exercise is not just about physical health right now. Exercise right now is essential for mental health.”

Vigeant said that during a meeting with the trainers at her gym they were all receiving messages of support from clients as the news of Stage 2 spread.

“They’re obviously excited to come back in. we just want to make sure they’re safe, and that we have everything for them to be safe.”

Vigeant said that while they could open on Friday, she wanted to give everyone time to make sure they gym would be ready and safe for clients.

“Trainers are going to wear masks, we’re going to distance, all of our equipment will be sanitized before and after clients.”

A list of guidelines is available to view at Alberta.ca.