EDMONTON -- A second couple from Alberta is among the passengers quarantined on a cruise ship along the coast of Japan due to coronavirus.

Jenny and Mark Rodrigue say they are in good spirits despite an outbreak on the Princess Cruises ship.

"Everything is going well. The ship and crew are looking after us," Jenny told CTV News Edmonton in an interview on Sunday.

"We are quite happy with the way things are going, and they are treating us well."

The ship was quarantined for two weeks starting Feb. 4 by Japan's health ministry after a former passenger, who had left the ship in Hong Kong, was diagnosed with coronavirus.

There were more than 3,700 guests and crew on board. As of early Monday morning, 126 people have tested positive for the novel virus and have been escorted off by medical officials; eight are Canadian.

Those still aboard are restricted to their rooms – except for outdoor breaks on the deck according to floor – and have been given thermometers and instructions to alert officials if their temperature rises.

"We're just happy we ordered a bigger room for this cruise," Jenny said, to which her husband replied, "Yeah, there's a lot of rooms with no windows and no balconies."

The two-week quarantine means the couple will miss a birthday party for their grandson, who is just learning to walk. But otherwise, the Rodrigues say, "We're OK."

A second couple from Joffre, Alta., are on the ship and quarantined.