EDMONTON -- Edmonton still has a few days left in this current deep freeze. Temperatures probably won't climb above -20 until Sunday.

But, the BOTTOM of the cold spell might be almost behind us. The wind should be calmer Thursday and temperatures will be closer to -20 than we've been in days.

This recent stretch of cold weather has had highs of:



Fri, Feb 5: -19

Sat, Feb 6: -21

Sun, Feb 7: -20

Mon, Feb 8: -24

Tue, Feb 9: -24

Wed, Feb 10: -25

Thu, Feb 11: -24


That gives you an average high of -22 for those seven days.

The last time we had a lengthy deep freeze like that? Last January.

The average high for an eleven day stretch from Jan 9 to 19, 2020 was also -22.


Deep freeze 2


What about wind chills? We've had several days with some brutally-cold wind.

Well, there's also a parallel to last January's deep freeze. In that stretch, Edmonton went eleven consecutive days where the wind chill didn't get above -25.

AND...the wind chill was constantly below -30 for six straight days!

In our current cold spell, we've had seven consecutive days with wind chill below -25 and five of the past 6 days didn't get above -30 for wind chills.



Deep Freeze