Members of an Edmonton rotary club are preparing Friday night for an eight-hour road trip with four ambulances to Montana this weekend.

Dr. Roman Bayrock and the Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview are delivering the ambulances to Great Falls on Saturday.

The ambulances—donated by AHS and serviced by a local Honda dealership—as well as a firetruck donated by the Calgary Fire Department, are being delivered to Corozal, Belize.

Once in Montana, the equipment will be loaded onto a U.S. air force flight to their final destination, a town of roughly 10,000 people nine miles south of the Mexican border.

"Belize is a third-world country. It's a developing economy," Bayrock explained.

"Emergency services there are very meagre, and there are a number of startups and they are looking for everything."

The rotary club, of which Bayrock is a member, is handling the logistics of moving the equipment from Alberta to Montana.

"We have (automated external defibrillators), we have spinal recovery boards, we've got stretchers, wheelchairs, and just basic stuff that's not going to be problematic in transport," Bayrock added.

The firefighting equipment on board the Calgary truck was donated by Firefighters Without Borders.

Calgary Firefighters Association President Mike Henson will be in Belize for the trucks' scheduled arrival on Wednesday.