The decision on whether Travis Vader will get a new trial for the deaths of Lyle and Marie McCann is expected Friday.


In September 2016, Vader was found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder. During the verdict, Justice Denny Thomas referenced Section 230 of the Criminal Code, which allows for a murder verdict if a wrongful death happens because of another crime, such as robbery. But that law was deemed unconstitutional in 1990.

As a result, second-degree murder was replaced with manslaughter, and Vader was sentenced to life in prison in January 2017.

“This court has convicted an innocent man,” Vader told court. “I will continue the fight until I can clear my name.”

In November 2018, Vader’s lawyer, Brian Beresh, filed an appeal for a new trial.

The McCanns went missing in July 2010 after leaving their home for a camping trip to British Columbia.

Their burned-out motorhome and vehicle were later discovered in Edson, but their bodies were never found.