EDMONTON -- Eight consecutive days. Eight!

Edmonton's never done more than six in a row!!


Don't mind me. I'm just going off about the stretch of 30 degree days that we have coming.

In June of 1961, Edmonton went six consecutive days with a daytime high of 30 C or hotter.


Based on the strength of this incoming upper ridge and the fact it's going to get "stuck" over Alberta, I now have EIGHT consecutive 30 degree days in the forecast.

We'll be close to 30 C today (high of 28 or 29 C).

Saturday, June 26 through to Saturday July 3 will likely ALL hit 30 degrees or hotter.

In fact, Monday-Thursday of next week will be WELL above 30 C.


Heat warnings are already in place for northern Alberta and those warnings will likely expand to include the rest of the province by the end of today or early Saturday.


Many locations will set daily record highs and some spots could even set ALL-TIME hottest temperature records.

The all-time hottest temperature recorded in Edmonton is 37.2 C. That was on June 29, 1937.

We'll take a run at that record. In fact, the Environment Canada forecast has the city getting to 37 or 38 C for highs next week!

I'm not ready to push my forecast into THAT range, yet.

There's certainly a chance of us getting that hot. But, I'm not ready to go above 35 with my forecast (for now...we'll see how this develops).


It should be a dry heat (both in regards to humidity and precipitation).

We're not anticipating any late-day thunderstorms due to the heat. Dewpoints should be in the 8 to 10 degree range today and this weekend.

We may see them climb into the low teens early next week. If that happens, humidex would be up around 40.


There isn't a clearly defined end to this heat wave. The models just keep pushing the back end out.

The hottest day will be early and mid next week. But, the end of next week doesn't look "cool." It just looks "not as hot."

We could still be in the upper 20s for daytime highs well into the first week of July.


Some of you will love this next five to 10 days. But, for many others, this will be a dangerous week.

Please be sure to check in on your loved ones and neighbours next week. Heat waves can be deadly, especially when they last a week or more.


Know the signs of heat stroke/heat exhaustion:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness/confusion
  • Sudden rush of chills while sweating
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramping
  • Racing pulse and rapid breathing


Now's the time to make a plan to beat the heat as next week could go down as "our hottest week ever."


Here's the forecast for Edmonton:


Today - Mainly sunny. Breezy.

Wind: WNW 20 gusting to 40 km/h

RECORD: 30.0 -1912

High: 29


Tonight - A few clouds. Wind easing.

9PM: 22


Saturday - Mainly sunny. Breezy.

Wind: NW 20 gusting to 40 km/h

RECORD: 34.9 -2002

Morning Low: 17

Afternoon High: 30


Sunday - Mainly sunny.

RECORD: 33.3 -2002

Morning Low: 18

Afternoon High: 32


Monday - Mainly sunny.

RECORD: 32.2 -2015

Morning Low: 19

Afternoon High: 34


Tuesday - Mainly sunny.

RECORD: 37.2 -1937

Morning Low: 21

Afternoon High: 35


Wednesday - Mainly sunny.

RECORD: 31.7 - 1896

Morning Low: 22

Afternoon High: 35