Electronic scooters that hit Edmonton streets just two months ago appear to have been "blowtorched," says one company, Bird Canada.

Both Bird Canada and Lime say they are working with local law enforcement after finding their products damaged.

Bird Canada told CTV News Edmonton found upwards of 50 scooters with apparent fire damage since Sept. 4.

"We believe the person/group of people doing this operate mostly at night, finding scooters that were left by riders and blow-torching them," said a company spokesperson.

"We have been in contact with the Edmonton police about this and are saddened by this targeted effort to destroy the scooters, given the large investment this represents into the City as well as the otherwise warm reception and high ridership we saw earlier in the city."

A Lime spokesperson echoed that the company was working with law enforcement regarding the vandalized e-scooters, and that it would take action to hold accountable the people causing the damage.

The pair of companies launched in Edmonton in August.

City officials have said road users are still adjusting to sharing the streets.