An Edmonton family whose dog was attacked and killed Saturday afternoon at the Mill Creek Ravine off leash park found the owner of the dog responsible for their pets’ death.

Clifton Crooks told CTV News his daughter Alysha was on a walk with her mother and a few other dogs when another dog came out of nowhere and allegedly attacked their dog Quinn – a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix.

“The Pit bull ran down the hill and grabbed Quinn, immediately started to run back up the hill, shook it like a toy, and I’m assuming he pretty much died instantly,” Crooks said.

According to the family, the dog that attacked Quinn was with a black and white dog – and their owners were nowhere in sight.

“I’m not mad at the dog or the breed of the dog,” Crooks said. “I’m more concerned about it happening again to the other people reliving what we’ve went through in the past few days.”

On Sunday night, Crooks gave an update on his Facebook profile:

“First and foremost I cannot express enough how grateful we are to the Facebook community. We have received several concerns and well wishes from all over North America. Of which, 2 wonderful families were able to provide enough information that allowed the city of Edmonton Animal Control officers to locate the owner of the pitbull. Without you we would not have been able to put closure to this horrible incident.”

But even though the owner was found, Quinn is gone, and Alysha and her mother witnessed a grisly event.

"The dogs are like children to my daughter and to my wife, and to witness that was quite traumatic," Crooks said.

With files from Nicole Weisberg