EDMONTON -- An Edmonton Valley Zoo employee is in hospital after a hit-and-run in the parking lot Tuesday morning.

Edmonton police said the staff member approached two vehicles that were "driving erratically" in the parking lot when one of them made contact with him.

The victim's mother and girlfriend told CTV News Edmonton he and two other employees saw a group of teens stunting and went outside to get their plates to report them.

"EMS phoned me to say that my son had been hit by a car and they were en route to the U of A," Rachell Fortier, Adam Fortier's mother, said.

Adam has two fractures in his neck and a concussion, his mother said.

Both vehicles fled the zoo, police said. The family and witnesses believe the car that hit Adam is a 2010 or newer dark grey BMW 535I, and that before leaving, it also hit a post.

"There will be front-end and likely back-end damage to the vehicle," Adam's girlfriend, Beth Comba, told CTV News.

They hope the people that hit Adam will come forward and take responsibility.

Adam is expected to leave the hospital in the coming days.