Days after police began investigating what became Edmonton’s 27th homicide of the year; the victim’s common-law spouse is shedding more light on the slain man.

On Tuesday, police confirmed the Medical Examiner found Temesgen Asfha, 43, died as a result of a stab wound.

The news comes after police were called to the area of 107 Avenue and 103 Street, at about 2 a.m. Saturday.

Asfha was found lying dead on the sidewalk outside of a bank in the area.

It’s a part of the city that once held fond memories for Crystal Silverquill, Asfha’s common-law spouse.

Silverquill told CTV News she met Asfha, who she called Thomas, on that same street two years ago.

“As long as I could talk to him, I could tell him anything,” Silverquill said. “There was no judgment, he was such a great listener, and he was my best friend, my family.”

Silverquill said many people she spoke to since the news broke of Asfha’s death were shocked to hear what happened.

“I was seeing people yesterday and everybody was just shocked because he would take the extra time to help people, you know, strangers, he would stop and talk to them.

“He had a lot of friends, and a lot of people who really liked him.”

Investigators said video obtained at the crime scene, and work by EPS members lead officers to track down a witness and a suspect only blocks away from the scene early Sunday morning.

Silverquill told CTV News he was originally from Eritrea, in northeast Africa - and had been a professional soccer player, before moving to Canada 20 years ago, and settling in Edmonton more than a decade ago.

A memorial service has been planned for Asfha, to be held at 4 p.m. on Thursday at Sacred Heart Church on 108 Avenue and 96 Street.

On Sunday, homicide detectives charged 38-year-old Ahmed Farah with second-degree murder, and possession of an offensive weapon.

With files from David Ewasuk