The management company that runs one of Edmonton’s tallest apartment buildings has boxes of Canadian flags to display this Canada Day.

The Edmonton House is located downtown on the riverbank and run by Midwest Property Management.

The tower features 34 storeys of city views set atop a parkade that adds to its impressive height.

The company plans to put up 150 Canadian flags for July 1. 

It means getting tenants to agree, because they are being placed on the balconies of many units.

The company stresses it’s up to the people who live in each apartment as to whether they want a flag put on their deck rail.

Midwest Property Manager Destiny Daly told CTV News Edmonton that the idea came up at a meeting and quickly moved forward.

“The more we thought about it, the more excited we became,” she said.

“We take pride in our nation and an amazing company to work for, very out of the box thinkers.“

They hope to begin attaching the flags early Friday morning and have them up throughout the weekend.