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'It gives us the feeling we’re welcomed': Edmonton school collects donations for Afghan refugees


Dozens of Afghan refugees that recently settled in Edmonton now have some essential household items, and more, thanks to fundraising by a west Edmonton school.

Sally McIntosh is the music teacher at Lynnwood Elementary School. During school pick-ups and drop-offs, she got to know some of the 170 families that recently escaped Afghanistan to settle in Edmonton.

“Not only are these people refugees, but they’re also human rights activists who had to flee immediately for fear for their lives,” McIntosh said. “So now they’re kind of my heroes as well.”

“They could only get their backpack some of them, and some with suitcases,” said Ashraf Amiri, who recently arrived in Edmonton. “That’s all some families had.”

McIntosh and the other staff members at Lynwood set and aggressive fundraising timeline of just one week. They collected clothing, shoes, furniture, toys and bicycles, small appliances and more.

“It gives us the feeling we’re welcomed,” Amiri said. “We’re loved, we’re included, and we’re part of this community.

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