The votes are in and a familiar name has been chosen to replace Capital EX.

Northlands announced Sunday the city's summer fair will be re-branded to K-Days for 2013 and beyond.

K-Days received 38,762 of 51,160 total votes cast in the Name Your Fair contest.

Many Edmontonians had expressed their preference for the name K-Days, the shortened version of Klondike Days, over the duration of the contest.

Klondike Days was the name that the annual summer fair had been called for decades before it was changed to Capital EX in 2006.

It was a popular choice but Northlands officials say they're not sure if the Klondike theme will be a part of "K-Days" going forward.

Officials say their next task is to give K-Days a "look and feel and begin to build the framework for next year."

It is unclear if Klondike Kate and the rest of the gold rush theme will be a part of that framework but Richard Anderson, President and CEO of Northlands says that will be discussed in the coming months.

"I think we've got a great opportunity to do something with the name," Anderson said.

"Over the next 60 days, we're going to get into a deep think with our own internal expertise and some external expertise and we're going to evaluate how we can best meet all the feedback we've heard, exactly what those components are is hard to say now but I promise you this, it's going to be great it's going to be something people will really resonate with."

The man who submitted "K-Days" to the Name Your Fair contest says it took him just two minutes to decide on the popular moniker.

"That's what it always was to me so that's why I put in K-Days," said Chad Willsey.

"That's what I called it. Everyone I knew called it that."

The runner-up name with the second highest number of votes in the contest was The Edmonton Exhibition with 3,967 votes followed by EdFest with 3,253 votes.

River City Festival received 2,484 votes, River Summer Fair received 1,933 votes and Edmonton Summer Exhibition received 761 votes.

Sunday marks the final day for Capital EX.

Vote in our web poll below, or leave a comment on our Facebook Page on what you think of Capital EX being renamed to K-Days.

With files from Sean Amato