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Krampus Walk celebrates European Christmas tradition

Edmonton's Krampus Lauf on Whyte Avenue. Edmonton's Krampus Lauf on Whyte Avenue.

A scary sight in Old Strathcona on Saturday night as the Krampus Walk (or Krampus Lauf) descended on Whyte Avenue searching for naughty children.

In some European cultures, Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas on his journey and punishes children have been bad.

“Today is the Krampus walk which means it’s an eastern European Christmas tradition. We have a lot of different characters from around eastern Europe,” said one of the participants.

"We also come around to see if the boys and girls and stuff have been good. If they’ve been bad, we get to take all their stuff or take them away. If they’ve been good, St. Nicholas can come and give them toys tomorrow.”

Saint Nicholas Day is observed on Dec. 6 in western countries. Top Stories

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