An Edmonton woman had a busy Mother's Day after giving birth to her baby in the family vehicle on the way to a nearby hospital—which, coincidentally, is the same way her husband was born.

Laurie Schwartz awoke around two a.m. Sunday morning with slight contractions. That’s when she and her husband, Corey Schwartz, loaded up their vehicle to head to the hospital.

“We made it about probably 15 blocks and he decided to show up before we even made it to the hospital,” said Laurie. “We didn’t even get to pull over to the side of the road, we were literally in the middle of the intersection when he popped out.”

The suddenness of the birth caught Corey off-guard, despite the fact that he himself was born in a vehicle on the way to the hospital too—although, not on Mother’s Day.

“I’m originally from Bashaw, Alberta, and I was born on the way to the hospital there as well,” said Schwartz. “I was totally shocked, just driving and Laurie told me to pull over and there’s the baby right there.Everything became a little bit of a blur.”

Once the couple arrived at the Grey Nuns Hospital, Corey ran into the building to get the attention of staff while Laurie contacted family about the birth of baby Nathan.

“They were asking,‘So how was the labour?’ and things like that,” Laurie recalled. 

“We were like,‘No. Literally the baby is here, and we are sitting in the parking lot of the hospital waiting for the doctors to come out and check on us.’”

Laurie adds she attributes her son’s urgent birth to a trait shared with his father.

“It’s strange. It definitely shows that there is a gene in them that they both want to be here and show up and get on with their day I guess.”

Nathan is the couple’s second child.