Some Edmonton drivers are avoiding the heavy traffic on Anthony Henday Drive by illegally driving down the shoulders of the road, and despite receiving numerous traffic tickets, some are still willing to take the risk.

Throughout the early morning and late afternoon, the Henday becomes quite congested and according to frequent Henday commuter, Gerry Milne, it's mostly the western leg of the Henday that started to get busy.

"Once they get the overpasses in they'll be fine, but that's not going to be for two or three years down the road," he said.

Milne said travelling down the shoulders of the road won't stop until all the light on the Henday are gone.

Edmonton police told CTV News they plan to follow-up on the video footage CTV News caught of motorists. Last summer, CTV News first discovered the problem of motorists taking the illegal shortcut.

In April, construction on a roadway interchange at Anthony Henday Drive and Stony Plain Road began to try to relieve congestion in the area.

Motorists can see construction work on Anthony Henday Drive extended from Whitemud Drive to south of Yellowhead Trail in the city's west-end.

The interchange is set to be complete by fall 2011, and will be a full systems interchange with free flow in all directions and will include seven bridges.