The city has honoured local gold medalists with a mural on the walls of Edmonton's Avonair Curling Club.

Team Kevin Martin were the 2010 Winter Olympic curling winners, a moment that will now live on in a mural commissioned by the city.

Martin said it was especially touching because he got his start at the curling club.

"I made ice here. My dad made ice here. My great grandfather made ice here," he said, "It's pretty cool."

Team mate Marc Kennedy said he too was flattered.

"It's a big honour for us," Kennedy told CTV News.

"You're kind of immortalized in the city this way."

The image shows an action shot of the Martin rink as well as the Olympic medal presentation.

The mural was the work of local artist Kris Friesen.

It is the seventh work to be commission by the city for their Giants of Edmonton mural series.