With only days to go before Election Day, a new ThinkHQ poll completed for CTV News shows the gap in support between the Wildrose and the Progressive Conservatives is narrowing – making the race tighter than ever.

Early polls showed the Wildrose Party surging in support, ahead of the Progressive Conservative Party – as the PCs dealt with a difficult start to the election race.

Now, it appears a rough several days for the Wildrose may tip the scales, although the party is still ahead in support.

According to the ThinkHQ poll, province-wide the Wildrose Party has lost 2 percent support since the last poll – with 41 percent support, while the PC Party gained 4 percent support with a total 33 percent support.

For the first time since the election began, the Progressive Conservatives are in the lead ahead of the Wildrose in Edmonton, gaining 2 percent support – and the lead at 32 percent.

Support for the Wildrose slipped by 3 percent, totalling 27 percent support.

Even in Calgary, so far the Wildrose stronghold in Alberta, the party lost support, although it's still ahead – with the PCs gaining significant support, with a 10 percent jump.

Perhaps the most striking difference was shown in province wide momentum, which showed the Wildrose has lost significant momentum over a week's time, and the NDP have surged ahead.

Similar trends showed in Edmonton and Calgary as well.

Although support may be growing for the PC party, when asked if a PC Government deserved to be reelected, province-wide 51 percent said they don't, with 28 percent of respondents saying the party does deserve reelection, and 21 percent unsure – trends which also extended to Edmonton and Calgary as well.

With files from Kevin Armstrong