EDMONTON -- A city spokesperson confirmed Thursday morning it is taking a west Edmonton composting company to court over ongoing odour issues.

In a statement sent to CTV News Edmonton, the city said it's had problems with Cleanit Greenit for "several years" and is now "seeking an order from the Court directing either closure of the facility, or imposition and completion of a court-ordered odour rectification plan."

The city went on to say it has submitted 47 affidavits by affected citizens, an "expert report" on the source and cause of the odour and "evidence" on how the lead investigator pinpointed the problem.

Because of COVID-19 related delays, the city said it cannot confirm when the application will be heard.

The statement also said since the matter is before the courts, it will not provide further comment however it did say fixing odour issues in west Edmonton "remains a priority."


The company responded to the news Thursday afternoon saying it's disappointed with the city's position given its "significant efforts" to control and prevent odour from its facility.

CEO Kirstin Castro-Wunsch said in a news release:"We look forward to the opportunity to present our case in court in response to this unnecessary and costly action taken against a locally owned and operated company."

She also wrote the company recently completed its own report and found multiple odour sources were routinely detected in the west end, most complaints are not about the composting facility and the city's odour bylaw is "ambiguous and not backed by scientific validation."

Castro-Wunsch added all parties should sit down and discuss the issue to find solutions.