Alberta Health Services said the investigation into an E. coli outbreak in Edmonton was expanding, as the number of confirmed cases has expanded.

AHS said the number of lab-confirmed E. coli cases had increased to 34, and 11 of those patients had required hospital care. AHS said one patient had died, and it was likely due to E. coli.

The health authority found 21 of the lab-confirmed cases had been linked to Mama Nita’s Binalot – but AHS said they no longer have health concerns surrounding that business.

Thirteen lab-confirmed cases have no known connection to the Lakewood Road restaurant.

AHS said the direct source of those cases has not been confirmed, but it’s believed they could be linked to the initial outbreak. Dr. Chris Sikora, the medical officer of health for the Edmonton zone called the outbreak “complex.”

“AHS, in partnership with other provincial and federal agencies, is doing all we can to protect the health of Albertans. The risk of illness remains very low,” Dr. Sikora said.

The main symptom of E. coli is diarrhea, which could be bloody – and more severe cases include hemolytic uremic syndrome, or a type of kidney failure.

Symptoms usually start one to 10 days after eating food contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

AHS said anyone experiencing symptoms consistent with E. coli is asked to call Health Link at 811 – anyone concerned, or who believes they could be developing symptoms is asked to visit a healthcare clinic or family doctor, and mention the possible exposure.