EDMONTON -- Alberta broke its daily record high of cases for the second day in a row after its top doctor reported 1,155 infections Friday.

The record-breaking count increased active cases of the coronavirus to 10,655.

“Our current situation is grim,” Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said as she reported 11 deaths — seven in the Edmonton zone.

“I continue to be concerned about the rise in these tragic outcomes of COVID-19. Severe outcomes are not limited just to those already at the very end of their lives and it is a mistake to think so. This week, two individuals in their 30s died as a result of this virus. While both had comorbidities, these were not on their own life threatening.”

There are 310 Albertans in hospital, the highest count in the pandemic, including 58 people in ICU.

Alberta Health Services is working to increase capacity for COVID-19 patients, if needed, in the Edmonton and Calgary zones.

The province will update its COVID-19 database on Saturday and Sunday and Hinshaw will speak Monday afternoon.

“This weekend, I encourage everyone to abide by all public health measures. Even if you don't like them, even if they're inconvenient, or even if you don't agree with them,” she said.