Weeks after one of their daughters was laid to rest, a couple facing child abuse-related charges was denied bail for a second time.

The judge overseeing the case released his written decision Thursday.

The parents were arrested and charged after police and paramedics were called to their home on May 25.

EMS arrived on the scene to find one of the two-year-old twin girls in cardiac arrest, and the other suffering from numerous injuries.

Paramedics managed to revive the child, who had also suffered a life-threatening head injury, before taking both children to hospital.

Doctors assessed both of the girls – and found they were severely malnourished, one weighed 6 kilograms (13 lbs.) when she was admitted, and her sister weighed just over 7 kilograms (16 lbs.) at the time.

A third child, a little boy, was also found unharmed in the home – he is currently in foster care.

The child who was found in cardiac arrest, later called ‘Baby M’ in court to protect her identity, was put on life support for several months.

In mid-September, an order was made in court to remove the child from life support, after a doctor testified she had suffered profound, and irreversible brain injuries, as a result of suffering cardiac arrest – and that she completely depended on technology to live.

Lawyers representing the parents fought the decision – and even tried to bring it before the Supreme Court, however, the appeal was dismissed.

‘Baby M’ was taken off of life support and passed away days after the original order was made.

The parents are facing charges of aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Some of those charges could be upgraded, or additional charges laid, now that ‘M’ has died.

The names of the parents cannot be published to protect the identities of the children involved.