Edmonton police shot and killed a pit bull and Tasered a Rottweiler after the dogs attacked a man in his 20s.

Officers were called to a residential area around the supper hour on Wednesday. As they approached, the 150-pound pit bull turned and began becoming aggressive toward an officer.

Staff Sgt. Langford Bawn says things turned tense when officers arrived. 

"The member exited the car, the dog turned his attention toward the member, the member directed the person being attacked to get away from the dog, that's when the dog started advancing toward the police officer getting very aggressive toward the police officer," he said. "That's when the police officers pulled out his service pistol and fired at the dog and killed the dog at the scene."

The Rottweiler was Tasered to bring it under control but bylaw officers still had to tranquilize it in order to take it away.

Neighbours say it's not the first time the dogs have been on the loose.

One neighbour says she thinks the officers did the right thing because there were two young girls across the street who might have ended up being attacked.

"It's very scary," she said. "I think in this situation (the officer) reacted appropriately."

The young man who was attacked was not seriously injured.

With files from CTV Edmonton